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A highly motivated, dynamic and proactive architect with more than five years of practical experience of. . . [more]

Italian architect,interior designer

More than 6 years experience in Interior design for international luxury projects (residential buildings. . . [more]

Architect, project managment, supervision of construction

I am a dynamic an ambitious architect with over twenty five years’ experience in various projects and. . . [more]

Oracle ADF Architect and Developer

Oracle ADF Architect and Developer

Senior Network Consultant/Solution Architect at Ericsson

• Identifying the scope of work and performing work package breakdown. • Performing detailed risk analysis for. . . [more]

Architect - project manager - supervision of construction -...

I have over twenty five years experienc in architecture design, managment and supervision of construction and. . . [more]

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Architect and Urban Designer

Architect, Urban Designer and Vertical Landscaper Specialist with 8 years of professional experience in a variety. . . [more]

Bachelor of Science in Architect (College Undergraduate) 2nd...

Highly trainable; fast and willing to learn Works efficiently and finishes assigned task on time Organize with. . . [more]

Application Architect

For my entire IT industry experience, I was using Microsoft development technologies such as ASP.Net, MVC,. . . [more]

CAD Operator/Student Architect

I am a third year architecture student at QUT and I am looking for the opportunity to move into a full time role. . . [more]
Results 1 to 10 of 12 CVs
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