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Open Crane OPerator

Crane Operator

Assistant Offset Operator/ Sales Associate/ Food and Beverage...

Attention to details,Computer operation,good mathematical skill,good at communication,time management Assistant. . . [more]

Crane Operator Fork Lift Driver

Working in a team environment Operating a 35 Tonne over head Crane Dog Man Duties Operates Die Setter. . . [more]

Offset Assistant Operator,Sales Associate,Food and Beverage...

Offset Assistant Operator(Printing and Publishing) Ali Bin Ali Printing Press 2009 to current -Measure paper. . . [more]

Contruction worker/ machine operator

Machinery Operator Excavtors End loaders Truck Driver

crane operator

crane driver ,open ticket experienced up to 160 ton Liebherr 20 years eprience

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Crane Operator

With many years of working in the mining/construction industry, I have the Versatility and Skills to adapt to. . . [more]


21 years experience in 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler carburator testing

crane operator or plant operator

I have operated cranes up to 150toon and operated all types of plant

crane or plant operator

I have operated crane's up to 150 tonne and grader,dozer,loader,s
Results 1 to 10 of 132 CVs
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