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On this page you will only find information about the terms and conditions for displaying banner ads on If you are more interested in learning how to use our job portal, please visit these pages instead:

Do you have a product or service specifically designed for the needs of job seekers and/or employers/recruiters? Awesome! Seems like Gigajob could be a great place for you to find new customers. It's already worked very well for other advertisers. We are proud to say that we have had advertisers regularly using Gigajob for many years. We hope you will soon become one of these happy, long-term customers as well.

Basic Rules for Banner Deals

Here are some of our rules for displaying your banner ads on Gigajob:

Banner Sizes and Formats

You can send your banner as a file or provide us with your adserver code. We can display bitmap banners (e.g. JPG, GIF, PNG) or Rich Media/Flash. The choice is up to you. Our standard banner sizes are: Other sizes than those mentioned above are possible, but they are more expensive and require a higher booking volume per deal (>EUR5,000.00).

Prices and Discounts

We only charge based on "banner impressions". So each time a user views a Gigajob-page with your banner on it, your impression count will be incremented by one. Prices are given in Euro per thousand impressions (CPM). For example: If a CPM for a certain banner deal is EUR20, then you pay EUR20 for each 1000 views of your banner. In other words: We would bill you 2 EUR-cents for each time a user has seen your banner.

In some cases we can provide discounts on the above list prices. We offer discounts for. . . These discounts can be combined under certain circumstances to enjoy a very competitive pricing. Standard booking mode at Gigajob is "until complete". If you need to have your banners displayed within a specific time frame, we would need to charge you more. All prices are in Euro plus tax, if applicable.

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